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Threats to Imran Khan’s sons if they come to Pakistan to meet their father in jail

Dr.Akhtar Gulfam

London: Imran Khan’s sons have been threatened if they come to Pakistan to meet their father in prison. Violent threats will be made. Other relatives of the former prime minister are facing jail or criminal charges in Pakistan. Sources close to the family told Dr. Akhtar Gulfam that the former prime minister’s two sons living in the UK. Sulaiman Khan, 27, and Qasim Khan, 25, have received ‘violent threats’. Other relatives of Imran Khan in Pakistan have also faced jail or are facing criminal charges, sources said. He said, “Imran’s nephew has been kept in military jail for six months and no one knows about him.” Cases of cybercrime and intimidation are pending against his sister. Some of his family members fled abroad before the ban on leaving the country. According to sources, ‘even Imran Khan’s poor domestic staff have been jailed and their drivers and cooks terrorized. He has been in jail since May 2023 on charges of The right to campaign under the election symbol ‘Bat’ has been taken away and instead party leaders have been forced to contest as independent candidates.



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