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She was a virgin when she went to the concert and married when she returned from the concert

The British singer mistakenly signed the marriage certificate while giving an autograph

Showbiz Reporter

London (Showbiz Reporter) Louis Tomlinson, a former member of the famous British band ‘One Direction’, signed the marriage certificate by mistake while giving an autograph to a female fan, whose photo was shared by the fan on social media. The world-famous singer Louis Tomlinson in Days is in Indonesia, where fans gathered during a music concert to get a closer look at the singer. As singer Louis Tomlinson approached his fans, fans continued to pass out notebooks and t-shirts for autographs. A female fan took an autograph from the singer in a unique way. The female fan extended the official marriage certificate to the singer for autograph and Louis unknowingly signed the certificate.
The certificate signed by the singer Luis was the marriage certificate of the Republic of Indonesia and the marriage certificate contained the photo and signature of the singer Luis and the female fan. Adazan, the female fan posted a picture of her and the singer Luis’ marriage certificate on social media. posted and expressed happiness that I was a virgin when I went to the concert and came back from the concert married, Louis signed my marriage certificate.



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