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Modi government’s hatred of Muslims: The Indian government destroyed a 700-year-old mosque in Delhi

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Delhi: The Modi government’s hatred towards Muslims is speaking loudly. After the construction of the Ram Temple in place of the historic Babri Masjid, now Hindu extremists are eyeing many more historical mosques and shrines, in the same context, they demolished the 700-year-old mosque established in the Mehroli area of Delhi. According to the British media, India A 700-year-old mosque was arbitrarily demolished by the Delhi Development Authority in the capital Delhi. Imam Zakir Hussain of the mosque said that the officials did not allow him to take away the copies of the Holy Quran that were kept inside the mosque while the madrassa. The clothes and food items of 22 students studying in the school were also vandalized. Madrasa Bahrul Uloom and graves of respected personalities in Akhunji Mosque. Local people say that showing hatred and enmity towards Muslims, the Modi government has The mosque was demolished in violation of the court order of 1987.



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