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Punjab Police caused the infamy of Pakistan in the world, torture of 3 foreigners including a British citizen

Three foreign tourists, Alex from Italy, Charlie from Britain, and Irani are on a trip to Pakistan on the Mutahira cycle

Cultural Editor

London: Another achievement of Punjab police officers has come to light. Which became the cause of infamy and shame for Pakistan in the world, tortured 3 foreigners including British Sherry. Three foreign tourists including Alex from Italy, British tourist Charlie, and Iranian tourists are traveling to Pakistan on the Mutahira cycle. According to them, two days ago they reached Sadiqabad tehsil of Rahim Yar Khan district of South Punjab. He was allegedly tortured by the policemen in Sadiqabad yesterday. In the video footage given by Alex, it can be seen that a policeman is attacking him. They also released these video clips on social media. In the videos recorded by the tourists, it can be seen that the female tourist is shouting ‘shame on you’ to the police. And there is also a voice saying, ‘Why did you pull her hair?’ Alex said, ‘They were having breakfast at the hotel and the security personnel provided by the police were sitting a few meters away. When suddenly a police van came, the officers in it rushed at us. “They grabbed my camera, dragged me by the hair, and tortured me.” Charlie, a British citizen, told Dawn TV over the phone “After the incident, I decided to leave but the police van traveling with me and the question Officials continued to harass me. They behave rudely. And impose their will. They have also threatened to arrest me. Alex says “I will not leave this place of Sadiqabad until the top officials of the police come and talk.” We do not trust the police at all. After the treatment we have been subjected to, we will not leave until we are given justice.



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