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Development of a developed country? United Kingdom; The body of the newborn was found in the toilet of the pub

The heartbreaking incident took place in Alton’s Bar in Leeds, West Yorkshire County Police took the body of the newborn to a hospital

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London: A newborn baby girl was found dead in the toilet of a bar in the United Kingdom. This heartbreaking incident happened in Alton Bar in the British city of Leeds, where a dead newborn baby was found in the toilet and the police reported. The forensic officer says the priority is to find the mother of the newborn, who will need immediate medical attention at this time. The mother is therefore asked to come forward for her health. The investigating officer of the West Yorkshire County Police added that they are in full contact with the National Health Service to locate the mother and provide her with the necessary medical assistance. In this regard, the owners, staff, and visitors of the bar have also been investigated, but the relatives of the newborn could not be found. did not come. The police investigation in this regard is still going on.



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