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A campaign called “India Out” in Bangladesh: Boycott of Indian goods

As a result of the Boycott of India, and the complete abandonment of Indian goods, the trade relations of both countries are being badly affected.

Dr. Akhtar Gulfam

London: The campaign against India gained momentum in Bangladesh and the people rejected India’s interference in their country. The campaign called “India Out” in Bengali has caused serious concern and trouble to the Governments of Bangladesh and India. I suffered. On 7 January 2024, a one-sided election was held in Bangladesh, in which Sheikh Hasina controversially won. Immediately after the announcement of Sheikh Hasina’s victory, the people expressed concern and doubt about the results. The people of Bangladesh blamed the Modi government for the controversial victory of Sheikh Hasina and showed a strong reaction. The United States is also in Bangladesh. He insisted on holding a transparent election, even though rigging and dishonesty can be seen in the election results. Hasina and Modi have been seen supporting each other on every controversial topic and issue in the past, against which the people of Bangladesh have always opposed. Expressed strong displeasure. Campaigns like Boycott India and India Out in Bangladesh have gained considerable popularity among the people. As a result of the Boycott of India, the people of Bangladesh completely abandoned Indian goods, which is affecting the trade relations between the two countries badly. A campaign like Boycott India was also launched in Maldives last year, as a result of which the Indian army was expelled from Maldives.



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