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A measles epidemic broke out in Europe, and more than 42 thousand children were infected

Measles increased dramatically in Europe in 2023 compared to 2022, with many measles cases still being reported in EU countries

Medical Editor

London:It was not yet completely lost from Corona that the measles epidemic, which proved to be deadly for children, broke out in Europe, the most developing region of the world, and more than 42 thousand children died from it in 2023 alone. Affected. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there was a huge increase in measles in Europe in 2023 compared to 2022 and more than 42 thousand cases were reported in the 42 member countries of the European Union (EU). According to the organization. Many measles cases are still being reported in EU countries, while thousands of children are in critical condition. The agency warned that the situation could worsen if the EU does not take urgent measures to protect against measles. and the epidemic can leave there and go to other regions. According to WHO, 1.8 million children in Europe are still deprived of vaccination against measles, while in the UK 3.4 million people under the age of 16 are still not vaccinated. Measles protection vaccine could not be administered. According to the agency, the vaccination process across Europe was slowed down due to the coronavirus epidemic, due to which millions of children were deprived of measles and other disease protection vaccines. It should be noted that Measles is caused by an infection or virus and usually occurs in late winter or early spring. With measles, when a patient coughs or sneezes, tiny contaminated droplets from the infected person spread onto surrounding objects, and the disease spreads through air and inhalation, causing one patient to infect multiple people. May infect. Measles symptoms include high fever accompanied by cough, runny nose and eyes. In measles, red rashes appear on the face and neck and then spread to other parts of the body.



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