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A 6-day strike by German train drivers has paralyzed travel and the economy

From Wednesday, train drivers started the longest strike ever, fearing a loss of one billion euros to the national economy.

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Berlin: German train drivers have started a 6-day strike, causing severe damage to travel and the economy. Train drivers in Germany have started their longest-ever strike since Wednesday. The strike is expected to cost the country’s economy a billion euros, and the strike has also been called a strike against the German economy. The strike will be the longest ever by Deutsche Bahn (DB), Germany’s largest rail company, with thousands of passengers affected by the shutdown of train services. The protest was announced by the German Train Drivers Union (GDL) on Monday, a day after the freight train strike. The latest strike is part of a series of earlier strikes, but this time the strike will be longer in duration than the earlier strikes. The German rail operator tried to bring the union back to the negotiating table on Friday with a new pay rise offer, which was rejected by the GDL.



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